Remove Windows XP password

This is a kind of simple trick that will work if the password isn't set for the hidden administrator account on Win XP.
The article will show you how to simply gain administrator rights on a Windows XP computer.
Not a big trick,but it works on 70-80% of machines.

So,first,restart the computer.
When the computer shows you the black and white screen,press F8 and it will show you the boot menu.
If that doesn't work for you,restart your computer on the button of your PC case when Windows is loading.

When you press F8 or you restart the computer while Win XP is loading,it will show you something like this:
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Select "Safe Mode",the first option on the list.
Then the computer will load Windows XP in safe mode.
The welcome screen will appear,and you will be asked to select a user account,like on the image below:
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Select the first one,the Administrator.
If you're lucky enough,it won't have a password on it.If it does,than you should find an other way to break it...just Google around.
If a message asks you do you want to continue,or to use System Restore function,answer to continue to safe mode.
The screen might be in low-resolution,640x480...but don't worry about this.
Click the start button and select Control Panel.
Or if you can't find it there,click the start button,than the Settings option and than Control Panel.
Now double-click the "User Accounts" option,like shown on the picture below:
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Now you will have a menu to change and remove passwords of other accounts,create new accounts and stuff.
Enjoy! :)

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