<Creating an RSS feed>

In today's modern world the informations are spreading rapidly through web sites,e-mail,internet chat
or through RSS feed...
So,to keep up with the world,let's make RSS news for a website (If you don't have yet :) )

...So how to make RSS news,so that people can be informed about any news on our site,without
even visiting it ?
The RSS news are readable with any RSS reading program.
Some web browsers have integrated RSS readers (Opera)
so reading news becomes easier.
Firstly,open the Notepad and write this:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<rss version="2.0">


With this,we set the RSS version to "2.0" and we open a "channel".
Then,write this in the next row:

<title>My RSS feed</title>

Instead of "My RSS feed" we can write the title of the document.
It can be our site's name,or the description of all news.
For example "mysite.com" or "Senta news".

In a document,we can put more "items" that are shown as different news.

<title>Free pizza</title>
It's free pizza in Mojo!</description>

The "<item>" tag marks the begining of an post,and the "</item>" marks the end of an post.
Between <title> and </title> we should write the title of the post,this time it's "Free pizza".

Between "<description>" and "</description>" we write the text that will be included in the new post.
A few sentences.In the example,it's "It's free pizza in Mojo!".

And,between "<link>" and "</link>" we can put a link to the web page,where people can read more about
the new stuff,or any kind of link.
And with "</item>" we end the post.

You can put more posts or "items" in a document,but don't forget to delete the old posts.



And with these tags,we end the document.Always put them on the end of the code.
Then,when we finished the document,save it as feed.xml
Upload it on our site,and put a link to it,like "RSS Feed",or somethin' like that.
If someone click on the link,the browser that has built-in RSS reader,will ask if
we wish to regularly read the news from there.

In other RSS readers we have tu give the RSS documents address,for example:
And this is it :)

The end :P I hope you understand it.