Connecting your HI-FI tower to your PC is a simple thing...
This article is for beginner PC users,who are not so good in these
things,but want to do it.
So,why would you connect the HI-FI to the computer ?
Probably because you would like to listen to your favourite songs
loudly and you want to enjoy playing FPS games with great
sound effects and stuff...and you don't have money to buy
Logitech's 5.1 speaker system

So,this is the stuff you'll need:

- An audio cable with RCA connectors (you can find it in every
audio/video shop,or in some supermarkets)
Its price depends on its lenght.I bought a 10 meters long,for
140-160 dinars..I think...

- A computer with a soundcard,or integrated sound.

- A HI-FI tower

Let's start:

First,disconnect any speakers or headphones that were connected
to your computer.
Then,put this (audio output cable):
Free Image Hosting at
in the connector where your speakers were previously been connected to your computer,like shown on the picture below:
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The pink cable behind the black cable is the microphone's cable...
That is not important for you,so don't think about it.

Now,connect the RCA connectors to the back of your HI-FI tower.
That is as easy as connection the audio output cable to
your computer...
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On the back of your HI-FI,you probably see this:
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Well,if your HI-FI is built from parts like the main part,the CD player
and the casette player,then ofcourse,insert the RCA cables into
the main part.
The connectors will be market with colors,so it won't be hard to
choose the right hole.

When it's done,turn on the PC and the HI-FI tower.
You don't need to configure your PC...
Just select the TV/LD option on your HI-FI (like you have the
FM option for radio).
If you don't have TV/LD option,try selecting another one similar
to this.

The last step is to start your favourite music player program on
your computer and....enjoy

Serbian version