* Computer cooling tips *

Before I begin,I want to tell you what these mean:
*Active cooling means cooling with a ventillator how some say,or cooling fan.
*Passive cooling means cooling with a heatsink (those are like little ribs).

So,as we (hopefully) know,computer components produce a lot of heat.The processor (CPU) is responsible for the
production of most heat.
On the second place,there are the graphics card (GPU),the hard disk (HDD),the motherboard's chipset,
the power supply,and almost every other component.
The cooler on the processor is a must-have thing,and it is installed in every computer (except those very old ones,where the CPU was cooled with passive cooling )-without it,the CPU would melt like a chocolate near
the fireplace
Modern graphics card also have cooling fans,while older ones still have passive cooling.
The same thing is with the motherboard's north bridge and south bridge controller.
Power supplies have cooling fans,and you can buy special cooling fans for HDDs.

1.Cleaning the computer case

This is the beginning.To enable better airflow through your system case,you should clean it's insides.
You can do that with a special spray for cleaning electronic devices:
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Simply,open the side of your case (of course,the computer is turnedd off,and not connected to any source
of electricity ) and blow the spray from a good distance on the hardware components.
Then,with a soft,a bit wet rag,collected the dirt that fell off the components.
Clean the dust from every air entrace in the case.
This should be enough,but if you want it to be perfect (like me ),you can remove every component,and
clean them with a soft rag and with a brush.That gives results,it's guaranteed!
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2.Route cables and wires

Stitching the probably big number of cables and wires in the case,to it's sides will increase airflow.
You can use little plastic wires,or at least a strong thread to tie the cables alltogether,and then
tie or stick them somehow to the top or the side of your computer case,where they don't block the airflow.
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Rounded cables are also helpful,and you can buy them in every computer shop for a good price.
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3.Mount drives apart each other

If all the CD/DVD,floppy and hard drives are mounted just near each other,there is no place where the air can
move between them,so they quickly get warm.
Try mounting them apart each other,so you have at least a few centimeters between them.
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4. Use better fans and heatsinks

Buying a better and stronger CPU cooler,will dramatically reduce the temperature of it.
Better cooler means that it has at least 4000 rotations per minute.The more rpm it has,it is better...
but more rpm means more noise...
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CPU coolers are not expensive as you might think.
Then,if you bough one for the CPU,try buying some additional coolers for your graphics card,HDD cooler,
and don't forget to buy one (or more) fans for the cooling of the case's inside.
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Fans like these can be bought in every computer shop,and are usually cheap.
You can also buy (if you still have money ) PC cases with dust filters,more places for additional fans,more blowholes and of course better airflow.Dust filters can be bough independently from cases,but they are
usually hard to find.

5. A good location

Finally,put your computer on a place where it is not on direct sunlight and try not keeping it on the floor.
Put it on a desk,or some higher object.

6. Monitoring software

Monitoring software is good for those users who always want to keep an eye on the temperature inside the
case,the fans' rotation speed and be alerted when a component gets to warm.
I suggest SpeedFan which allows you to monitor up to 3 fans,and of course the temperature of HDD,motherboard,
CPU and any additional sensors (graphics card,case sensor).
It is a completely free program,and it gives you abilities like those other,comercial applications.
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If you followed these insturctions correctly,it is 100% that you'll cool down your computer.

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