SpyMaster v1.3.5 - Remote Administration Tool (RAT)

Many new things are added and improvments done in the 1.3.5 version.
The client GUI is totally changed,and is now simpler but more functional than the previous one.
Some critical client-side errors are fixed now,and the whole client is coded less likely to crash.

You can now remotely uninstall the server program (keep the file itself).
Keyboard + mouse blocking are added,crazy mouse,sticky mouse,keyboard disco lights and other funny things related to keyboard and mouse control are added.

A remote process manager allows you to list and kill running processes on the server computer.
Also,you can execute commands in a remote command-line,which than sends back the results to you (e.g. netstat,ipconfig,ping,etc.).

The server's port can be changed remotely.
The server stores the new settings in an encrypted file.

SpyMaster 1.3.5 can control the remote user's printer,so you can print messages in different font and size,set how many pages you want to print on,set if you want underlined,bold or/and italic font.
It even works with network printers.

Tic-tac-toe game is added,letting you to play a game of tic-tac-toe with the server (client plays X,server is O).
The client can restart the game or close it.
More funny things are added,like: changing start button text,playing melodies on the internal speaker,locking/unlocking the computer,empty recycle bin,set volume,bouncing message,disable/enabled task manager and folder options,etc.

A clipboard monitor thingy is added.The purpose of it is to let you monitor changes of the server's clipboard text (when he/she copies some text).
You can clear the clipboard,set new clipboard text or simply turn on/off the real-time clipboard monitoring.

And finally,I've added a firewall bypass routine that makes the server application silently bypass the WinXP firewall.
It adds itself to the allowed applications list,even if you can't see that if you open the firewall settings - just by viewing the registry.

What can you expect from the next version ?
I don't really know...I often change my mind...some certain things:
- A real-time keylogger
- Password protection
- Server events logging
- IP scanner



* For both client and server,you will require THIS file and copy it
to your "\WINDOWS\system32" folder.