<BlackEye v1.6>

Name: BlackEye
Language: Visual Basic 6
Type: Keylogger
Size: 20.4 KB (MEW 11)
Platform: WinXP/2000

How does it work ?

This is a case-sensitive keylogger (logs both upper and lower case characters) and it supports logging of all
keys on a standard english keyboard.
BlackEye logs opened window titles,clipboard text changes and specialy marks web pages opened in IE,
to a nice-looking HTML log file.
Every event is marked with different color,so it's easy to see what is what.
The log file, the app and the settings file are marked as system + hidden files.
The name of the settings file and log file is the same as the name of the app.
You can't see the startup entry when you open "msconfig" or such,because it uses
a special registry entry (see the source) that lets the program to start up even in safe-mode.
You can do several actions through the GUI that can be displayed by copying the name of the BlackEye app to the clipboard (by default), or copying the password you set to the clipboard.
The log file can be cleared or quick-copied through using the GUI, the GUI password can be changed, and the keylogger can be closed/resumed.

What's new ?

- Quick-copy from the GUI to directly copy the log file to a drive (if you are in a hurry).

- Even less CPU usage, now 0%.

- Removed IE Spy, added support for various browsers.

- Log file and settings file have the name of the BlackEye app (better security, harder to detect).

Future plans ?

- logging only specific users' activities
- something else...send me ideas :D

Download (EXE)

Source code

WARNING: I don't take any responsibility for stealing any kind of data using this keylogger.
If someone wants to punish you because you stole his/her using this program than you deserved it ;)
Report bugs and ideas here.

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